If you don’t already use Google Analytics to track your website’s traffic you should check it out. It’s a free service and fairly easy to set up. You can get started at http://www.google.com/analytics/

Rather than logging into the website on a regular basis you may want to have a report emailed you. You can customize what kind of data you want in the report, when the report gets sent and to what email address its sent to.

Setting Up Your Report

When you log into Google Analytics you’ll see a list of various types of reports in the left navigation. Click one of the reports you’d like to be included in your email summary. For instance “Acquisition” -> “All Traffic” -> “Referrals” to see where people are clicking from to get to your website.

At the top of the page click the button that says “Add To Dashboard”. Select and existing Dashboard or create a new one, for instance, “Email Report”. Select the Widget you want included in the report. Do this for any other reports you wish to be included in your email summary. When you’re done click on “Dashboards” at the top of the left navigation and view your new Dashboard.

Sending Your Report

On your Dashboard page click on “Email” at the top of the page. Enter the email address you’d like the report to be sent to, the subject line of the email, how often you’d like it to be sent and some text for the body of the email. Click “Send” once you’re done to have your report scheduled for sending.

That’s it! You can always go back and change the frequency of your report from the Dashboard page. You can also change the contents of the report any time by updating your Dashboard.