As a small business owner you or one of your employees will likely be using various online tools to manage or market your business. The following is a list of accounts you should set up, even if you don’t use them right away.

Make sure to keep a secure record of these accounts somewhere, especially if it’s an employee who’s setting up any accounts. A good idea would be use the Gmail account you get with Google as the email address associated with any other accounts, rather than an employees email address, especially an employees personal email address!

Google has many excellent free and paid services you can take advantage of. The best place to start is by going to the Google Business Solutions page ( Here you can set up your businesses page on Google and sign up for various advertising services.

We highly recommend setting up Google Analytics ( for your website. Google provides excellent tools for tracking and understanding your website traffic. Whether you’re running your own website or using service you’ll want to be able to have your site tagged with a custom Google Analytics tracking ID. No matter who sets up the account you will need a Google account to access the web interface. Reports can be emailed but you get much more information from the website. At Modscape we can set up Analytics tracking for your site.

Another recommended Google service not listed on the Google Business Solutions page is Google Webmasters ( Webmasters is a free service for registering your site with Google Search and seeing how Google sees your website. At Modscape this is something that we handle for our clients but if you’re running your own website or using service that doesn’t provide registration with Google Webmasters this is probably something you want to set up yourself.

You can also use your Google account for managing and accessing YouTube and Google+.

Even if you don’t use either of these social networks right away to market your business, it’s worth the time to a least create accounts for each. One thing you’ll want to do is grab the best username and urls for your business in case someone else with a similar name registers them.

You may want to set up additional account on some other social networks like LinkedIn but make sure to at least get Facebook and Twitter set up since they’re the most popular services.